Monday, November 05, 2012

Blitzen available for adoption

I am happy to offer for adoption this week a little kitten called Blitzen, this kitten stands 5 inches high and 4 1/4 from nose to rump. Blitzen is completely hand stitched from recycled mink furs in black and white. Many hours have been devoted to precisely hand scissor scultping his muzzle to reveal his round cheeks and little chin, his mouth is embrodiered with black perle cotton. Blitzen is made in a seated position and with the addition of armature in his fron legs and tail is able to be posed in many realistic ways. To celebrate the Christmas Season blitzen wears a collar of miniatur lights, her christmas bauble is crocheted from DMC cotton and trimmed with a glittery ribbon.

Little Blitzen has found a new home.


  1. What a little poser. She is delightful Susan. I can see a new home coming quickly for that little kitty.

  2. You are one of the few mink artists that can make a amazing cats. I wish you would make one like Monique again (in one girls opinion she was your best kitten ever)! I love the silver blue mink with the beautiful purple eyes, it all comes together so perfectly. Tinker is my second favorite kitten with his nice green eyes. For some reason unknown, I find the bright blue eyes a little too alarming/they stand out a little too much. You've done more bright blue eyed kittens then any other color eye. Why not try something different and it isn't just because I want to snatch one up ASAP *wink wink*


Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I appreciate your thoughts. Cheers Susan♥