Monday, October 15, 2012

Muffin the bunny

 A little bunny called Muffin is available for adoption this week adoption, this little bunny stands only 5 1/2 inches high. She is completely hand stitched from recycled vintage mink fur in light brown with dark brown eye inserts. Muffin has fawn Ultra Suede paw and feet pads and inner ears, many hours have been devoted to precisely hand scissor sculpting her muzzle to reveal her round cheek, nose and little chin. She wears a polka dot button a satin ribbon around her neck and I have made a matching cookies from polymer clay.

Little Muffin has found a new home.
Cheers for now Susan ♥


  1. Your work is beautiful, Susan, and Muffin is too.

  2. Such a little sweetie . . . it's good to see you still plugging away Susan. I think of you every time I see my bunny peeking at me from his little cabinet space.


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