Friday, September 28, 2012

Lucky Rico

My little bird Rico is now so happy and content with us humans, he will bump our hands to be patted and loves our company. He will land on the floor outside a closed door and pace up and down waiting for us to come out, so we have to be careful where we step these days. He spent some time exploring behind our T.V cabinet until one day the power in the back of the house had tripped out. We had found that he had chewed straight through a power cable on the telly!!!! If there was no safety switch I don't think he would be around today. He now longer has explorations in dark placed behind furniture and we have learnt a valuable lesson.

Samantha and Rico
Cheer for now Susan ♥


  1. Oh Rico, please be careful, that was a big no-no. You are such a pretty boy.


  2. Dear Rico, You are so beautiful and I love the photos. Although...... I'm a little worried about cords. Remember My paws got burnt from toasting marshmallows, so I would not like it if you got hurt.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Hi Susan,
    It was so good to read about Rico - it brought back fond memories of parrots I have known and loved: George our sulphur-crested cockatoo and Goolie the Galah (both rescue birds, full of love and fun). My pet budgie Beepa, lived with me for many years, and came to work each day also. He was such a character, and could he talk! Thank you for making me revisit the pleasure they gave me.
    Hugs, Kayzy


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