Monday, June 18, 2012

Chinook available for adoption

Something a little different this week is Chinook, he has been made from Russian sable fur. This is the first time I have used sable, the pile length is very long and soft resulting in a very fluffy and wild looking cub. Chinook stands just 7 inches tall, many hours have been devoted to precisely scissor sculpting his round cheeks and little chin. Chinook's yummy donut treat is made from wool felt, dimensional paints and tiny stones.

Chinook has found a new home.

Cheers for now Susan ♥


  1. Look at that sweet little face amongst all that luxury soft fur. Love him although I bet it was a nightmare to do.

  2. That is one serious afro dude! Love it!

  3. Adorable...
    That is the cutest thing I've seen
    You have magic hands
    Sonia x


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