Thursday, April 05, 2012

A break through

Although Rico would feed from our hands and land on us, he would move away when we tried to touch him..until now!! A few weeks ago he was sitting on the armchair beside my hubby and David reached his hand out and stroked Rico on the back. Rico look shocked as if to say "What the heck is going on here?" but didn't fly away. We continued to this approach, stopping when he seemed uncomfortable with it. Now he will come and sit on us and move to our hands to be patted rubbing his head on our hands if we stop. He stretches his neck out and closes his eyes when we rub under his chin, he is a very happy little bird. It has taken almost a year to get to this point and we are so glad that he trusts us as one of his flock.

Cheers for now Susan♥


  1. Oh! how sweet. It takes a long time to build trust. You must feel chuffed.

  2. Precious. If they could only tell us about their past "baggage".

    Happy Easter.


  3. Aww, so glad he came round for you!


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