Saturday, March 10, 2012

After the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair

The sun decided to show itself for the Sydney Teddy Bear Fair last Sunday which was very welcome. We had travelled down to Sydney on Friday afternoon and stayed with my daughter Samantha, which saved us a very early trip down in the morning. After setting up the stand I was able to have a quick browse around the other stands before the doors opened at 10:00. Some bears were adopted on the day with another bear adopted to an international collector after the show. New customers were added to my mailing list and an order taken for a commissioned bear. It was lovely to talk to the artists that I know and also meet some of the artists who I only know by their bears on the Internet.
Talking to collectors face to face is the best part of the show, with so much done over the net these days it makes a lovely change.
Thank You ♥

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