Thursday, November 03, 2011

Girls Night In

Last weekend my daughter Samantha, sister-in-law Beth, niece Stephanie and I attended a Girls Night In function to help the fund raising for breast cancer research and support. An auction was held on the night and all the items had been donated for the event. The tickets included a three course dinner, entertainment and a donation to breast cancer research. We had a wonderful time, the food was lovely and the champagne flowed, the speakers shared some very heart felt stories of their experiences and it reminds me that being healthy is something not to take for granted as it can change in a moment. Samantha bid on a leather bag and gift basket, after a fierce battle she was so excited to win. Samantha and I were wearing our pink themed dresses that we had made, we finished the night off with some moves on the dance floor...a good way to burn off the champagne.

With my beautiful daughter Samantha

Samantha and Stephaine

Susan and Beth

Samantha and her booty

Cheers for now Susan ♥


  1. A stunning mother and daughter. Your frocks were beautiful. Hearing others story's sure makes us appreciate good health.

  2. You both look lovely, glad you had such a great time


Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I appreciate your thoughts. Cheers Susan♥