Thursday, March 17, 2011 or science?

I blame it on Masterchef and the Macaron Tower challenge by Adriano Zumbo, I have never cooked or eaten a macaron before until trying one from a Sydney store.. what is all the fuss about? It was heaven, very sweet with a lovely shell and soft center..Yum.
They can't be that hard to make...I was so wrong. The first batch I made looked good in the oven and then they started to erupt and spread all over the oven tray, problem oven too hot. Over the next few weeks there were more failures, over stirred the mixture.. not stirred enough, by this time I was taking notes.

 Finally the planets lined up and my first passable tray of Macarons emerged from the oven, they had the three desirable qualities of a macaron; a foot at the base, soft almost meringue like texture and and egg shell like crust. Hooray at last some success..although even the rejects were filled with ganache and eaten after all they are too Yummy to waste.

Cheers for now Susan ♥


  1. They look delicious Susan. I always was confused over the words Macaron and Macaroon, but I understand now how different the two are. Thank You!

  2. They look fabulous!! I Lov e MasterChef!!!


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